February 06, 2010


Well the United States is getting its share of cold winter weather this week!  Up north where I live its not so uncommon to see lots of snow this time of year but the midwest isn't so use to it.  And our nation's capitol is at a stand still this weekend because the roads are too dangerous to travel on.  Emergency snow crews are strained because they are not prepared for so many inches.

But regardless, I am enjoying all this white fluffiness!  First of all, it came on the weekend!  Plenty of time for snow crews to clean up the main roads. And nobody has to go to work, well... with the exception of nurses and doctors.  And second, I get to play in the snow!! Fun times.

And as I listen to the news I hear that many people went shopping for milk and bread.  In fact, so many people bought milk and bread that the grocery stores ran out!  This brings up a perplexing issue for me:  why is everyone buying milk?  I mean... when the winter weather is this bad it brings down trees, many times on electrical wires.  Many people lose electricity and that would mean the refrigerators would stop working.  So if you bought milk it might spoil.

The bread I can understand.  One could live on peanut butter and jam for a few days if need be.  But I think the best thing to do when preparing to be snowed in for a couple days is to buy non-perishables.  Canned vegetables, can meats like tuna or sardines.  Also, nuts and raisins are good for filling up empty tummies and so are nutrabars.

My home has a small furnace where we can cook without electricity.  That comes in really handy.  In fact, when the winter storms come we make a lot soup!  Yum!  But I know a lot of people don't live in a place where they can burn wood.  It can be quite the dilemma.

I certainly hope that people take care of themselves during this time and that folks help out their neighbors if they see people need help.  I am going to remain thankful for everything God has given me and if you are caught in this storm too... then stay warm and stay safe.  Remember that shoveling snow from sidewalks and driveways can be dangerous.  Take frequent breaks indoors to warm up and drink plenty of fluids.  Also, if you feel dizzy or have any kind of chest pain stop immediately!! Many deaths happen during storms because people end up having heart attacks from pushing themselves too hard when they shovel!

God bless!



We here in the UK had an extremely cold spell last month with much snow. I hope your snow is not going to be around that long. It's lovely to look at......on Christmas cards but the real thing brings everyday life to a standstill.
Keep warm and well.

Andrea said...

We are amongst those enjoying our 3rd winter snow storm. It is beautiful. We are staying in, safe, and warm. The only trips out are so the dogs can play in the snow and go potty.
Blessings, andrea
Richmond, Virginia

Margaret Cloud said...

Very nice caring post, I enjoyed reading it. I agree people should stock up on non-perishables. Hope you are having a nice weekend.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

For those who are prepared, the cold weather can be fun, for those who are not, it definitely isn't.


Yvonne: Thank you for the well wishes. I agree that Christmas cards are very lovely. :)

andrea: We have dogs too and they tend do their business very quickly when its very cold outside. :) You stay warm and safe.


Margaret Cloud: Thank you for visiting! :) I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

Mr. LGS: Yup. I've seen the squirrels keeping warm under our shed and under our porch. They are already prepared for winter. Smart little guys.

Terri Tiffany said...

LOL I always think it is funny that people think they need milk and bread too! Like most of us don't have enough food in our houses to live a few days!!")


Terri Tiffany: :)! People do funny things sometimes. And I guess folks worry more than they know. You're right. I think most of us have more than enough food at home to survive a few days of being snowed in.

Amrita said...

Hi there, May God keep you safe and warm.