December 11, 2009

Patience Through Trials

God is good even when we go through great suffering.  What makes me state this so assuringly?  Well because I've been in agony for four days now.  Incredible, agonizing pain in my upper jaw woke me from a deep sleep on Tuesday night.  As the days have progressed the pain has gotten worse and more frequent.  In need of help and relief I visited my dentist who, after taking a series of X-rays and tapping each tooth, couldn't find anything wrong.  No cavities, no infections between teeth or of the gums.  But she did notice something odd about my nasal cavity.

So I visited my physician that afternoon and he diagnosed me with a nasal infection.  Both my doctor and my dentist prescribed a vigorous regimen of antibiotics and codeine.  As it is, I can't eat or sleep.  The pain is astonishing.

But even through the pain I know that God doesn't allow his children to go through more than they can bear. He is not surprised by this "sudden" development.  So, in an effort to remain positive and to distract myself from the pain, I decided to bake Christmas cookies.  I went to the grocery store and picked up all the ingredients.

I can smell the delicious aromas of the baking cookies and find a little comfort in that.  And they bring a smile to everyone who sees and eats them.  My students were ecstatic yesterday.  That made me feel better even when I didn't. :)  But today I'm just resting and praying that the pain lessens and I can eat again.  Until then I'm going to be living on Ensure drinks and taking lots of water.

I am looking forward to Christmas and I hope this post finds you healthy and excited too.  God bless.


Andrea said...

Praying for you. Hope you feel better soon.
Blessings, andrea


I hope you will soon feel better.
I had an agonising pain in my shoulder and arm muscle since june and couldn't lift my arm very high.
My doctor gave me an injection 2 weeks ago and hey presto! it's gone.


Andrea: Thank you for the prayers! They are helping. :) I feel a lot better today. Very weak from all the antibiotics but not nearly as in much pain. Blessing to you!

Yvonne: Thank you. I'm sorry to hear about you're shoulder! I hope whatever is causing the pain improves. I will pray about it.