September 11, 2009

Am I In A Dream?

" Am I in a dream?"  That is what I was wondering in August when I went to visit the Alhambra Generalife in Grenada, Spain.  It was so beautiful!  Every wall, every corner, every floor, door, and ceiling had detailed engravings and tiles.  It was mind boggling!

There is no way anyone could take a bad picture in that place.  It is created in such a way that anywhere you look there is something beautiful to capture.  The only complaint I had was the incredible heat.  I went in August and it was very hot... in the high 90s hot.  I was informed by several locals that it is best to visit in the Spring or Fall.  I will have to return someday and do that.  But beyond the heat I had a wonderful time!

I went alone because the missionaries I had been staying with insisted I must go see the Alhambra for myself.  But they themselves could not go with me because of ministry issues that demanded their time.  They almost had to push me onto the bus because I wanted to stay and help.  But I'm glad now that they insisted I go because the experience left me dazzled.

The Alhambra Generalife even has its own outdoor stage, called the Teatro del Generalife, at the entrance to the magnificent gardens!

There is water everywhere in the form of fountains great and small and man-made lakes and streams.  They are found in the palaces, in the courtyards, in the gardens, in the staircases, and even in the hand rails!

Water meant life to the Moorish rulers of Grenada, who were of Muslim descent.  The Islamic-styled influence in the architecture of the Alhambra Generalife is a testament to how deeply those Moorish rulers loved their culture and remembered from where they came.  Traditionally a people used to the rigors of desert life water was very precious.  So you find it everywhere in the Alhambra Generalife and it is showcased many times.

I also noticed that there were many engravings of stars within the palaces.  They were on the floors, ceilings, and even bushes in the gardens were kept in this form.  Perhaps they reminded the Moorish rulers of the night sky?

There is great peace and tranquility within the walls and courtyards of the Alhambra. It was formerly known as Al-Andalus, an Arabic name used simply to refer to the parts of the Iberian Peninsula and Septimania governed by the Moors.

In this special place of Grenada it is so easy to imagine what the world could be like if all cultures and all people would live in peace and harmony.  I do believe that God had wanted all mankind to share their talents and abilities in ways that uplifted and honored.  Just imagine for a moment what we as the human race could do if we used our intelligence and abilities for good?  No more wars, or weapons of mass destruction, or people starving, or people needing a place to live.

This reality cannot happen in our world right now. But I do believe what the Bible teaches and I do believe in the promises of God. One day Jesus Christ will return and make the world as it was meant to be.  There will be peace again and there will be beauty everywhere, justice everywhere, and harmony.  May He come soon!



A wonderful post, the picture's are superb and Spain holds a special place in my heart as I lived there for 3 years.
Have a lovely week-end,


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing. I would love to visit this place for myself but for now, at least I've enjoyed your photos.

Joseph Pulikotil said...



Lovely photos. Beautiful buildings. They are an amazing contrast to the concrete jungle we have in our cities.

In the olden days people were proud of their buildings and took immense care to the aesthetics, water storage, air flow, garden etc. We modern people we have air conditioners, water storage tanks and so on. Yet our structures are not as beautiful as the old buildings.

The Muslims became powerful in areas where the early Christian missionaries did not reach and work. They became very powerful. Remember the Crusades. Christians fought a bitter war to reclaim the Holy Land. But even today, it is in the hands of the Muslims and Jews. Probably the Christians are the only people who don't have their Holy Land. The Muslims have Mecca, the Hindus have Banaras and Varanasi, the Jews have at least part of Israel and so on. This is very strange. Perhaps God has some reason for this.

I hope Christ will come soon and unify the world and make us all one human race. But here again I think Christ's kingdom does not belong to this earth. His Kingdom lies in our next life which will be everlasting and filled with joy, peace and happiness.

Many thanks for sharing these lovely photos and very interesting and informative write up.

Have a nice day:)

Margaret Cloud said...

I don't blame you for thinking you were in a dream, this place is awesome and so beautiful. It is amazing how so long ago the people had a eye for beauty. Thank you for sharing this with us, it is so interesting.

Amrita said...

wow what a romantic dreamland. I wouldn 't want such a dream to end


Yvonne: Thank you! Spain is a beautiful country and although I have never lived there it did feel like home. :)

Mr. LGS: I hope one day you do get to go! I would recommend taking someone you love with you. You will want to share your amazement with someone. :)


Joseph: Indeed you are correct. For the kingdom of Christ is so glorious and perfect, I agree that there can never be a real place in this world suitable enough for its existence. The new heaven and new world we will be his home and ours.

But for a time, Jesus will return to Earth and reign. During this time the Bible says that there will finally be peace and the Christians will be in places of authority, ruling with Christ! Just imagine what that future will be like... amazing!

For now we wait on God's timing. It is His great love, patience, and mercy that has kept these things from coming to pass. He wants everyone to have a chance at eternal salvation. And I don't blame him. There are so many beautiful people! I wish EVERYONE could be saved.

Blessings to you my friend.


Margaret Cloud: It was certainly a land of wonder and delight! I will never forget my visit there. And although I did not have someone to speak to physically, I felt God's presence. Perhaps he simply wanted to show me the Alhambra by himself. :)

Amrita: God can be so romantic... he is the ultimate lover of our souls.