March 26, 2008

Of Pain and Pleasure

There is a story behind these flowers. Not a terribly romantic one I'm afraid but a thankful one. But before I get into that let me back up a bit... seven months to be more precise. That was when I had the car accident. In September. And I'm still in pain. The neck pain takes a back seat compared to the pain and weakness I've been experiencing in my arms and hands. So I had to return to physical therapy. Let me tell ya... it isn't fun. Everything takes so much effort right now. Sometimes I hardly have the strength to lift a toothbrush. Its really sad and no exaggeration... although I wish it were.

But all this to say that a few days ago I was leaving PT ( physical therapy) and realized that I locked my keys in my car. I did have enough senses to bring my cell phone with me so I called up mom. She was so sweet to get out of bed and bring an extra pair of keys for my car with her. She hadn't been feeling too well that day either. I felt so bad about the whole thing that I went to Royer's flower shop nearby and bought her a small bouquet of flowers in thanks.

She wasn't expecting anything in return and was very surprised. She had the biggest smile on her face! I was so happy that she was so happy that I nearly cried. And then I began thinking about how much she loves me and was willing to get out of bed to help me even when she wasn't feeling well and I wanted to cry again! * sigh*

Have you ever had the experience of doing something nice for someone else and thinking it really wasn't much/ enough and then the recipient is incredibly happy and encouraged by it? Its an amazing feeling! People don't really need fancy gifts or words to feel loved and respected. Sometimes spontaneous displays of love are the most beautiful thing we can do. So even when I was in physical pain, emotionally the rest of the day felt like this:

Very nice, I think. :)

" Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love." ~ I John 4:8


Anonymous said...

Moms are like that ;)

Sincerity said...

danielle: I agree! :)