April 02, 2007

The Cute And The Tasty

Believe-it-or-not this was a kids lunch in a school in Taiwan! The bear is made of rice! Now that is one creative and tasty masterpiece! I don't know if I could eat it. Its too cute! I'm not sure what the mouth is made of... black lickurish?

And for something fun to do click on the link to the right that says, " following an unknown path." Once there go to the April 2 post. Taiwan students are working on their thesis for graduation. Their topic is Dinner Time in America and they are looking for Americans to give them a better idea of what dinner looks like for us.

They think all we eat is pizza, hamburgers, and the like. So, take their survey ( its very short) and have fun!


jomiel said...

The mouth is nori :)

lemonade said...

if i had lunch like that,m pretty sure that i would starve the whole day..b'coz that thing is jus too adorable to eat..!! :)

Sincerity said...

jomiel: Ah! The mystery is solved for me! :)

lemonade: Welcome! Yeah I think I would do the same. :)

Anonymous said...

I took the survey. I thought it was an interesting cause ;-) And the bear made out of rice is so awesome lol

Sincerity said...

ceecee: I LOVE the rice bear! One day I might try making one of my own. Its so cute! It kind of reminds me of the Downy Soft bear.

algelic said...

OMG I want that lunch!

Once I went with my mom and a friend of hers to a VERY expensive restaurant. When the dishes arrived, her friend said in a really funny way:
"Woah! This looks so nice I just want to stick it in a wall!"

LOL! Presentation is also a big part of a good dish!

Sasha said...

That's too cute to eat :) Did you ever see the "Vegan Lunch Box" blog? It is about a chef/mother who makes adorable-looking lunches for her son (they always have a theme and cute presentation).

I took the survey - it will be interesting to read their thesis.

Sincerity said...

algelic: I agree! Presentation is a big part of a meal. :) This rice bear has encouraged me to try my hand at decorative cooking again!

sasha: I will have to check out that " Vegan Lunch Box" blog!" And I'm curious to see what the students come up with too. :)