March 14, 2007

Poetry Inspires My Art

This is a picture I entitled, " Her House Of Ruby Glass." I was inspired to create an image of my impressions from a poem written by Leonard Nimoy. You can find this beautiful poem on my other blog. Leonard Nimoy is not well-known as a poet but he is famous for his role as Spock on the original Star Trek. The poem is part of a collection he wrote to his wife. They are introspective and very honest. But most of all they are a clear representation of his love.

Meanwhile I am making a steady recovery. Every day that passes my leg gets stronger. Stairs are still difficult to traverse but I just take them nice and slow. :)

And on top of feeling better the weather has been just gorgeous today! It hit 70! I could wear lighter clothing! Yeah! But Spring isn't here just yet so I'm expecting the temperatures to drop again soon. The trick is to dress in layers.

In terms of entertainment I will be heading to the movies to see Premonition, the new Sandra Bullock film on Friday. I think it looks really interesting. I like movies that make you think and aren't so easy to figure out. Of course, I'm not saying that straight forward movies aren't worth watching. They are if the story is well told.

A shorter way to my other blog is easy to find. Just click on " Simply Sincerity" under my links. Happy reading! :)


Susan said...

I had no idea he was a poet. Glad you are getting better and that your weather is too.

:-) Susan

Sincerity said...

Neither did I! :) But he's good.
Thank you. I'm glad my health is getting back to normal now. Tomorrow its suppose to snow!

Strange weather we're having.

jomiel said...

Did you really paint that? :O! Was it in Photoshop? Please teach me :D

algelic said...

You have another blog?! *shock*
I'm going to check it out now!

The picture is beautifullllll!!! Truly beautiful!

Anonymous said...

As always, nice pictures :) And don't you love it when nice weather kicks in after doing through the cold weather? It was like that over here, but now temperatures are going to drop this upcoming week.

Did you like the movie? I saw it today, and I enjoyed it. Strange, but it was good, and it made me think. A lot.

P.S. - Thanks for your words of wisdom. I have never thought of it that way, so thanks. I shall keep that in mind. :)

Sincerity said...

jomiel: Yup! Yes I used photoshop. I can put up some tips on a few tricks I learned from my brother. He's incredible! Thanks little brother! :)

algelic: I do have another blog! I'd be thrilled to have you visit! :)

Thanks for the complicated!

ceecee: I loved the movie! It does make people think. And I love the ending! And... your welcome! :)